Welcome at Paradiso Labs


Hello everyone, welcome at Paradiso Labs, an initiative of Paradiso Amsterdam, let me tell you a little about the what and why:

With the participation of Paradiso in the Launchpad Meetups may 2016, organized by StartupAmsterdam, the Paradiso Labs started unofficially. At the Launchpad Meetups Paradiso asked the startup community bringing up idea’s in using technology to help Paradiso serving their audience better. In a more broader sense, Paradiso Labs is the place where Paradiso researches, experiments and develops within the context of an online environment. Paradiso Labs shapes Paradiso’s innovation by using internal and external data sources to improve its operations and to develop new ways of interacting with audience and performing artists. Therefore Paradiso will launch its API that will be the base to collect and combine data in order to develop new services for its visitors.

Paradiso is looking for possibilities to use technology to service the audience better, enrich the live experience of a gig, make relevant recommendations so no one misses a thing and make how the route to and from a gig better and more efficient.

Paradiso Labs is an open innovation platform: the topics it addresses are not uniquely for Paradiso but for every music or cultural venue and for all parties participating in the value chain such as promotors, ticket vendors, record companies or organizations collecting royalties. To stress the open innovation aspect, Paradiso will shortly publish the Paradiso Labs Blog where relevant questions and topics will be discussed and a community of developers interested in using and exploring on music data is being both served and challenged.

(Photo Harry Brieffies)