Paradiso Labs is going to the US!

alt Next friday, September 9th, 1.00-2.00, Paradiso Labs will be in the NY Media Center, 30 John Street Brooklyn, New York. This is an open invitation to all interested in the music industry and its open innovation to stop by. Interesting talks, inspiring people. Read all about it!

As the Dutch leading music venue, Paradiso is always searching for ways to better reach music lovers that are attending concerts at the former church and historic building in the center of Amsterdam. The main goal is trying to persuade them to attend bands at their very early stage of popularity - as well known artists will sell out easily and not require that much promotion. So the main task for Paradiso is how to reach the potential audience for yet unknown artists that from an experts point of view are worthwhile to attend. Technology solutions will help us find new ways of reaching this.

Apart from this concreet need in reaching out to the right audience, it’s important to elaborate and develop Paradiso’s role in the music industry. We need to know what's happening in the music value chain and which processes are going on in the field of cutting out the middlemen.

These are the main reasons Paradiso started Paradiso Labs: an environment where Paradiso can experiment and develop with new digital (marketing) tools. Paradiso Labs will act as an open platform that shares innovations and knowledge to other parties and vice versa.

In a compact and alternate program Paradiso Labs gives the opportunity to some of the main companies in US music industry to present their innovations contributing to the aforementioned goals as well as New York startups that have developed intelligent solutions that could contribute reaching audiences better. There will be presentations from US based ticketing company Eventbrite about their innovations in ticketing, startup Hydric Media originally from Australia but now based in New York as well, that will present – a music platform to simplify indie music discovery, New York startup Jukely (revolutionizing the live music industry with its app and subscription model), Kobalt (advanced global licensing that acquired digital distribution platform AWAL), Next Big Sound (provider of online music analytics and insights, part of Pandora), We Are Public (Amsterdam platform that selects the best of what’s going on in the city, members get free access to the entire program) and Media Chain (developed a protocol for registering, identifying and tracking creative works online with block chain technology). Some of those yet to be confirmed.

They will present their specific solution and innovation approach in music industry and we will discuss and confront these insights. We will discuss things with them and they will inspire all those attending: the program gives a compact overview of relevant innovation aspects within the music industry. It’s the aim of the Paradiso Labs session to bring lots of energy and inspiration that leads to innovations.