Understand your audience better by selling tickets with Eventbrite

alt Eventbrite was one of the companies that joined Paradiso Labs on september 9th 2016 in the NY Media Center alongside companies like We Are Public, AWAL and Jukely. Music innovators sharing knowledge and discuss opportunities. An interview with Peter Joost Post.

What does Eventbrite do?

Eventbrite is the largest event technology platform worldwide and processes around 2 million tickets a week in more than 180 countries.

What makes you different from the competition?

Eventbrite is a true technology company. We not only offer a platform, we also have the technology of 140 companies permanently connected to the platform. Also Eventbrite is very much focussed on customer experience. It's very easy to buy a ticket in just 2 steps, even on your mobile phone, store it in your mobile phone and use it again at the gate.

What is your businessmodel?

We are free for free events and charge a service fee and a payment processing fee for paid events.

We are living in the age of data, how can your data help a club?

Through our system (and network of connected partner services) you can easily collect (with help of f.i. questionnaires), connect (with e.g. CRM software) and analyze data (analytics tools). Data can help to get a better understanding of the audience (e.g. where they come from, what they come for, what their needs are). As a result you can make better decisions about your (marketing) activities and subsequently increase your performance (e.g. sales, ROI).

We are living in the age of automation, how does your service help automate work for a club?

Our technology helps organizers to be more efficient (i.e. organizing, processing, marketing, sales, checking-in) and makes the process of buying, storing and using tickets easy for attendees. We are mobile optimized and our apps (one for organizers and one for attendees) increases the ease-of-use.