Wonder.fm is a discovery layer on top of Soundcloud

alt Hydric Media was one of the companies that joined Paradiso Labs on september 9th 2016 in the NY Media Center alongside companies like We Are Public, AWAL, Eventbrite and Jukely. Music innovators sharing knowledge and discussing opportunities. An interview with David Lowry about Hydric Media and Wonder.fm.

Who are you and what do you and your company do?

I'm one of the founders at Hydric Media. We are a technology studio that focuses on the music space. We design and develop music experiences for some of the world's best music companies and brands. We're also the team behind Wonder.fm.

What part of your work are you most proud of and why?

Wonder.fm is a music discovery layer we've built on top of SoundCloud. We recently launched mobile apps for Wonder and the iOS App was featured on the App Store under 'New Apps We Love' along with an awesome editor's note. The App has since been covered by TechCrunch.

Which (digital) trends are most important for clubs and how can they use them?

I think there are opportunities for using mobile technology to build loyalty among consumers.
Discovery can be used to find shows suited to a user's taste and social group.
Beacons tech can be used to provide a more tailored experience for the user.
Mobile can be used to help foster social sharing and community.

Which (digital) trends are most important for artists and how can they let them work for them?

Music discovery (introducing new artists to fans) and analytics around consumption (to help identify fans and plan tours).