Tons of VR and AR ideas in a content jam

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are important trends. The real and the virtual world are merging more and more. Though it's still early days for those techniques, 9 teams developed cool concepts in a so called Augmented Reality Content Jam, organised by VRBASE in coöperation with Paradiso Labs.

Paradiso and VRBASE were looking for AR and VR concepts to express Paradiso’s unique atmosphere and character, and the unrivalled synergy between the building and the performing artist or show. Paradiso's Mark Minkman was one of the jury members. Judging the concepts he said he was impressed by the quality of the ideas and saw lots of future possibilities.

The power of Virtual Reality is that it can bring you to other worlds. Put on your VR-glasses and you can time travel or space travel. Team We AR Forever came up with the idea to bring the past to the present. They want to let old Paradiso heroes live in the catacombs of the venue. So new artists put their glasses on and see old musicians like Prince or Bowie or Kurt Cobain.

Live Like wants to take things one step further. The team says: let's not ask the audience to put on glasses, but let the band do that. And give the fans an app to show their appreciation. They can send a heart to the singer, throw a bra to the bassplayer, etcetera. The band sees this happening in their VR glasses and feels it with notifications. A new way of interaction.


The power of AR is that it can add stuff to the world around us. So for example, project PARA (Projected Augmented Reality Artistry), wants to add holograms to Paradiso. So you can see George Clinton's mothership when he visits Amsterdam.

The Cosmic Relaxations came up with the idea to be not intrusive in the hall. Why not use old posters to decorate parts of the building, they asked themselves. By pointing at the posters with their mobiles, people can then unlock old recordings or pictures.

The winner of the competition was the Paradiso Party Enhancer by team Dragon Player. In their concept you don't need VR glasses and you don't need a mobile screen to look at. You can keep your phone in your pocket, that's enough. In their idea, the sensor of the phone detects movement and aggregates everything happening in the club. The amount of movement can influence laser beamers or stroboscopes or images on a screen. So the visuals will change during a concert or club night depending on the wildness of the dancers.

It was a more than interesting weekend with lots of great concepts, hopefully we will see one or more of them becoming reality in 2018 when Paradiso celebrates its 50th anniversary.