There it is: the Paradiso Importer

With the 'Paradiso Importer' Paradiso imports the data of setlists that fans add to So Paradiso can send it to the rightsholders association and the songwriters get the money they deserve. is a great site. It's the place where fans add all the songs artists play at concerts. Of course a lot of those gigs are in one of the locations of Paradiso.

Very often artists themselves let the rightsholders associations know which songs they have played. But not all of them do. And the clubs have a responsibility in giving the right information too.

As we've said before, the Setlist Generator would be a good idea. And maybe that will be a reality in the future. But for now, getting information from is a big help too.

Gerard van Enk built the Paradiso Importer. This is how it works. Thanks to the so called API (Application Programming Interface) of he is able to automatically collect all the information of gigs in Paradiso. So when did which band play which songs in which venue. He then imports that information automatically to Google Sheets and from there on Paradiso can do with it what it likes. By choosing a year Paradiso can go back in time.

Good work Gerard! You've made the work for Paradiso easier. And fans, add more data to ;-) !

Have a look at the video to see how it works ....