#ADE2017: 10 companies to watch

"ADE loves innovation and creativity, it’s part of the event’s DNA", writes the Amsterdam Dance Event on its website. "And in order to celebrate the very best new ideas relating to the music industry, we’ve pulled together ten of the most exciting up and coming companies together with Paradiso Labs, any one of whom could be game-changing for the future of the entertainment industry."

After an hour of presentations, the jury consisting of Carly Renwarin (Paradiso), Amy Sorokas (Microsoft) and John Acquaviva (Plus 8 Equity) came up with their verdict. This was their Top 3:

1. Muzooka

Muzooka was the best of the 10 companies to watch, according to the jury. What does Muzooka do? Muzooka delviers 'untapped solutions for the live music industry'. The company says it takes the stress out of promoting your events, managing artist assets, and reporting live shows to performing rights organizations.

2. Riteband

Riteband makes it possible to invest and trade in music. Put some money in a track you believe in and you will get a share of its success. If it works, it is a nice way for artists to get money upfront. Is it going to work? Who knows, but a promising initiative it is.

3. Kollekt.fm

Kollekt.fm makes dedicated music channels for brands and takes care of all the legal stuff around it. That way music experts make some money and brands optimize the experience for their clients. Kollekt.fm already has some 200 paying customers.

Have a look at the 10 companies that were selected to present.


AlphaState (or αState) is a start-up that aims to bring producers and their audiences together during live electronic music performances with the aid of mobile technology in ways that were previously impossible.


Auddly is a hub for all the world’s song data, empowering music creators to take control of their works and get the payments and credits they’re due, thanks to cutting-edge technology and support from top songwriters Max Martin and Björn Ulvaeus.


Bookya brings the electronic music industry closer together, getting you introduced to the right people at the right time and making your professional life easier. Our network includes artists, agencies, promoters, venues, and events. Bookya dynamically links all profiles, so you can see which Promoter booked which DJ's for which Club or Festival in one glance.


Evolved is a new music platform focused on maximising the value of releasing music and harvesting fan engagement data.


Kollekt.fm has created a new music service for businesses called ‘Atmosphere’. The service delivers a music selection that is handpicked by an artist or music expert who is connected to a business. Atmosphere not only creates a better in-store experience for customers, but it's also a new opportunity for artists and music experts to make money.


Kurtis is a state-of-the-art, while super-easy to use Guestlist Management SaaS.


Muzooka is where artists and their teams can instantly update their content on any festival, venue, ticketing, or radio website from one central dashboard. No more outdated pictures, ancient videos, broken links, or panicked emails requesting last-minute changes.


NoticeSound uses a technology that provides a way of analyzing testing and measuring audience feedback for (music) content. By employing a purpose-built infrastructure that presents an effective way to screen content such as tracks to discover hits with a high rate of success. With the technology as a backbone, we are able to do market research on specific panel groups to collect audience feedback for the music and entertainment industry.


Riteband is an early stage Swedish start-up in the intersection of music, fintech and gaming developing the world’s first stock exchange for music.


Over the past decades, DJs have made the transition from local club heroes to international superstars. While they got the whole world up on their feet, many DJs face the same big challenges: they have a hard time finding original songs as well as a wide variety of distinct vocals within a limited timeframe. The solution? Vocalkitchen - a collective of upcoming and established vocalists and songwriters.